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lsa.jpgWelcome to Our Association

Thank you for your interest in New Flyers Association. We are a not-for-profit flying club based in hangar A-10 at the OSU Don Scott Airport in northwest Columbus, Ohio, since 1968.

We have qualified instructors available to members on days, evenings and weekends for private, instrument, multi-engine, and aircraft check-outs. (You must supply the multi-engine at present).

We specialize in light sport aircraft, having two in our fleet (N566FD and N178CT). They provide a new way to fly by focusing on recreational flight training, yet they do not exclude traditional training should a student opt to use them! They are also sleek and modern, sporting glass cockpits and a light-weight and strong carbon fiber build!

We also have a Cherokee Warrior available for instrument training and for taking along two extra passengers!

If you want to meet personally with an instructor, or to see our facilities, please feel free to e-mail us to arrange an appointment!


Because you just want to fly!

A sport pilot is as the name suggests: you are flying for fun, and just that. With this certificate, you can fly light-sport certified aircraft, and just you and a friend kick back and enjoy the sky!

Sport pilot training can be used to credit a private pilot certificate should you choose to upgrade later.

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On the road to a professional aviation career

A private pilot certificate is where the serious pilots begin. Starting here, you get to learn the basics of more advanced ratings, and are trained to a higher degree than sport pilots.

A private pilot can use larger, heavier, and faster aircraft. A private pilot can also begin adding additional ratings, expanding their piloting skills, and preparing themselves for advanced certificates!

Sport pilots are able to upgrade to private pilots later and use their existing training as credit.

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For Serious Pilots - Requires Private Pilot

Ever wondered how airplanes fly when the weather is bad? By reference to flight instruments of course!

Instrument training is tricky. You have to learn to trust your airplane instead of your inner ear. We show you how to handle flying without being able to see out of the windows. It is not an easy task, but with determination, you will no longer be grounded by incliment weather!

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